Who’s at fault for Red Sox/Rays Brawl? (video)

Feelings have got to be tense in Boston these days. Frustration, disappointment, desperation are probably boiling over. You’re the reigning World Champions, you’ve lost nine in a row. Not the happiest clubhouse at least I wouldn’t think, right? So was that what contributed to the brawl? Here’s the scenario: it’s the seventh inning and Rays’ pitch hitter Sean Rodriguez has just hit a three-run tie breaking homer and Yuniel Escobar’s now on second then takes third on what’s called defensive indifference. Ok apparently the Red Sox did take issue and were not indifferent about it.

Then there were words between the Red Sox dugout and Escobar, who’s shouting back, then the benches cleared and so did the bullpens. Regarding the incident Red Sox manager John Farrell told ESPN,

“There were some words exchanged. We’re down five in the seventh, so it’s somewhat a gray area when you shut down the running game.”

Its was certainly more than words exchanged however it the Red Sox/Rays brawl was nothing like the Milwaukee/Pittsburgh on you may remember from April. Here’s a look so you can see for yourselves:

 [mlbvideo id=”33161173″ width=”400″ height=”224″ /]

My question is however … should the Red Sox expect the Rays to stop their running game when they were only up five runs? Five runs may seem like a lot of runs but it was only the seven inning for one thing and two I have seen bigger leads slip away – Game 20 of the A’s 20 games win streak (I was there) we were up 11-0 in the second inning and the game came down to a bottom of the 9th walk off by Scott Hatteberg. Seriously. And the Red Sox had just lost a five run lead the night before so they know how things can just slip away. The game might have been a 15-inning game but all the scoring was done in the first four innings – I mean, should the Rays or whatever team the Red Sox finally defeat to get out of their now 10-game slump … should they just role over and stop playing the game because the Red Sox had been losing a lot??

In my opinion – no way!! – The Rays, like the Red Sox – like every other one of the other 28 teams need every win they can get. That’s baseball or any professional sport. Even with 162 games the season can come down to one. The 2012 A’s season game down to game 162 against Texas. Texas wins they win the division, A’s win they win the division. That one game can matter somewhere down the road and so unless you’re up 10 runs with 2 outs left in the ninth then I say play your hardest … that may include base running.

So from how I see  it’s just the frustration boiling over from the Red Sox dugout that cause fracas. I mean, it was kinda their fault however much I can understand how the Red Sox and their fans must feel right now.  Maybe I am wrong … Thoughts?

Author: Jen Rainwater – find me on Twitter @OakAsSocksGrl
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