Josh Beckett baffles Phillie’s offense in Sunday no-hitter

 Hunter Martin/Getty Images
Hunter Martin/Getty Images

Citizen’s Bank Park in Philadelphia is not the most pitcher-friendly ballpark. Josh Beckett is also not the most likely pitcher to throw a no-hitter. Sure he has World Series Rings with both the (at the time) Florida Marlins and the Boston Red Sox, but he is not the pitcher he once was. He has almost re-invented himself.

Back in 2003 Beckett had a devastating fastball that could hit as high as 99 mph, the now 34-year old’s fastball tops out around 91 mph according to He’s not the same pitcher he used to be but he proved today that he still has what it takes to dominate. He’s used his curveball 30 percent of the time this season as opposed to 18 percent the last two seasons and going all the way back to  2002-2003, he only used it 15 percent of the time. He has just found different ways to get guys out.


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