No, I’m not excited to celebrate Cinco de Mayo by drinking too many margaritas and tequila shots then being hungover in the morning. Been there, done that. Not that it means I won’t drink my beer. I just really love beer … any type of beer from Bud Light to Sierra Nevada Pale Ale to … oh it doesn’t matter. I didn’t come on to blog because of beer … although one day I might because I could …. Beer rules!

Anyway, I was just watching trailers for 24: Live Another Day … I have been excited since there were rumors that it may happen like last year … then they finally announced it and then the trailers … now it’s like here! In approximately 17 hours here on the West Coast my dvr will come on (probably while I am watching the A’s game) and begin recording 24!!! (what you thought I would miss the A’s game AND sit through commercials when I am watching the best show of like all time?!) So yep. For all you 24 fans …. Here’s an official countdown! I am so stoked! #JackIsBack!! Isn’t that so exciting? I mean it is about time!! (whatever – I’m a nerd but I’m totally ok with that) … so yup! (Let’s Go Oakland – had to say it somewhere!)

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