My New Weekly Column is Debuting Tomorrow on Sports Unbiased!!

So tomorrow at noon Eastern time and nine am Pacific time my new weekly column will be debuting on Sports Unbiased!! So PLEASE check it out!! 

The title of my new weekly series of articles is 2014 Oakland Athletics: Life of an MLB Season Ticket Holder. I am starting tomorrow going to be chronicle the season for the entire year … because as all A’s fans and die hard baseball fans know there is ABSOLUTELY no such thing as the off-season … it’s like, “what? I’ve never heard of such a thing!” .. LOL! Yes we all mourn the end of a season but there are trades and deals and the winter meetings and arbitration fights … and yes, football and basketball and hockey to get us through the off-season … but mainly let’s just stick to the baseball stuff! Why? Because baseball is the greatest sport EVER and it should be treated as such! LOL! Now I am just being silly and making myself laugh …

So back to my new column it is! I’m gonna talk about everything from the sometimes tediousness of having to get up, get ready and get to the yard six days straight, to the joys of seeing a Perfect Game(which we all know probably will not happen this year depending upon how bad the Astros are … oh! I like the Astros! That was so mean … but true) or a Complete Game Shut Out or a No-Hitter or a 18th inning walk-off single off Mariano Rivera (thank you Nate Freiman for FINALLY ending that marathon in the sun!)  … but you get the ideas I am trying to get across here …right?

Sometimes being the most hard core fan is the most rewarding thing in the world, sometimes you come home just wanting to kill yourself or you find yourself yelling at your empty Bud Light can in its #OaklandKoozieSwag saying youre gonna throw it at the television (oh wait …. what do you mean that doesn’t happen to you guys?? Wait a min ….) But no matter how happy or how miserable you are there really isn’t a bad thing to say about baseball …. 

It’s the greatest sport the world has ever known and its history is so rich both before and after the modern era …. the amazing amount of time this game has been played and there have only been what? 24 PG’s in well over 100 years and I was present for one! That’s someone watching out for you right there … that kinda shit doesn’t happen … like I hugged the President … I mean how often do you get that chance … odds are it’s more often than seeing a PG and I’ve done both. Now before I die I just want to meet Troy Aikman and be at a World Series game that the A’s are playing in and preferably one they win (and preferably win the whole thing but I will take what I can get depending on the circumstances) …. 

Ok, again caught rambling off topic …. so PLEASE REMEMBER MY NEW COLUMN GOES LIVE TOMORROW ON SPORTS UNBIASED at Noon Eastern Time (9am for us West Coasters) … PLEASE Check it out! Leave comments, love it – hate it – lemme know how to improve it because I am gonna be promoting it for a year so if you hate it you just might wanna make a suggestion or two!!! LMAO! But in all seriousness I’m excited about having this opportunity to share my baseball experience with all of you … it means so much to me and I hope that everyone has something that means as much to them! SO CHECK OUT MY COLUMN: 2014 Oakland Athletics:Life of an MLB Season Ticket Holder on Sports Unbiased tomorrow at 12pm ET/9am PT!! Thank you and as always ….. 


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