Will Johnny Damon ever again don a Major League Baseball Uniform?

Even though he has not played baseball since 2012, former Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees’ star Johnny Damon, who recently turned 40 years old, has not formally retired yet. There were reports earlier in the year that Damon might try to make a comeback. There is still talk and still no definitive reports, but more has been learned about the aging outfielder’s future plans.
According to Tampa Bay Times reporter, Marc Topkin, Damon told him that he is open to still playing baseball or even managing a club. There was one stipulation however. Damon refuses to manage or play on the minor league level. Those are high aspirations for the former star and two time World Series Champion, but are they too high?
It is somewhat understandable that playing in the minor leagues would be a big step down and not forward for Damon. Yet, he is not even open to managing on the minor league level? Most former players who have become managers and most managers in general have had to start at the minor league level in order to advance to being the skipper of a Major League Baseball team. It is a job that takes time to move into. Normally, it is unlikely for anyone to just jump in at the highest level.
Damon’s apparent ego aside, let’s look at this realistically. 

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