Michael Young to Retire! (and a whole litany of other stuff – I got off topic a bit)

Well I really have nothing witty or interesting to say, this is all pretty straight forward … that said I will still in my usual long winded way say something … I always liked this guy (except when he was batting against the A’s of course), found him respectable and it’s pretty fitting that he retire now, spend time with his fam while he is still young and still has an exact .300 career batting avg – I mean why risk that, right? One at bat could kill ya! LOL! But seriously … it like would. 

Anyway, the only thing that freaks me out about all these guys’ retiring like Mo (although it felt like he pitched for an eternity … like what is baseball without Mariano Rivera? I’m sorry but it’s true. He’s like so awesome every way you look at it! I adore him but then again who doesn’t – oops, sorry I forgot about the city of Boston although they at least have respect for him right? I’d love for a Boston fan or two to comment on that …. but I am getting super off track here!!) and Jeter’s almost done and A-Rod and Andy Pettitte and all these guys I’ve watched for what feels like all my life and I still think they are young – like even baseball wise – when they are not. Like Lance Berkman just retired and he was one of the young Killer B’s on the Astros in 2007 but when you think about that – crap that was already 7 years ago – where does the time go? Didn’t bother me so much with the Mark McGwire, Edgar Martinez, Bo Jackson, Terry Steinbach, Darryl Strawberry types retired … ok, really I am just pulling names off of baseball-reference.com from 1962-63 because I used to think that they were like adults when I was a kid – but in reality they were all like 18-20! So weird!! But as far off point as I am right now I just don’t feel like the group of guys retiring or going to be retiring in the next year or two are that old – baseball wise – already! Anyways, onto Michael Young …. (who in my opinion is still young! lol)

After mulling over retirement for most of this off season Michael Young has officially announced his retirement according to Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal and the Dallas Morning News.

A seven-time All-Star Young, 37, spent last season with the Philadelphia Phillies and the Los Angeles Dodgers, batting .279 over a total of 147 games between the two teams. Young is the best known for his time with the Texas Rangers. He spent 13 years of his 14 year career with Texas and has played more games in a Rangers’ uniform than any other player. He was also a very scary opponent to have at the plate when he’s not on your team. Naturally, this makes him the Rangers’ all-time leader in almost every offensive category:
  • Hits – 2230
  • Runs – 1085
  • Total Bases – 3286
  • Doubles – 415
  • Triples – 55
He holds also 4 of the top seven career years in terms of hits by a Texas player (2003-2006) and he holds the Ranger’s club record for doubles in a season with 52 in 2006. He finishes his career with a .300 batting average and a total of 2,375 hits.
According to Rosenthal, Young had a number of “good offers” he could have accepted for 2014. Instead he has chosen to retire now and spend more time with his family. Over his career he has made more than $90 million according to baseball-reference.com.

Young appeared in the playoffs four different times all coming at the end of his career. He played for Texas in the World Series in both 2010 and 2011, neither of which ended with a title. Overall though one can definitely say that he had quite a nice career and even though he didn’t play there in 2013 will leave a legacy at the Ballpark in Arlington.

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