HIMYM and now How I Met Your Dad? (a comparison to ‘Friends’ & incoherent rambling ….)

Disclaimer: This started out as a blog about HIMYD and ended up being something rambling, relatively unintelligible and completely different … read at your own risk … just sayin’

With the last few episodes of what is essentially my favorite television show of all time looming in the very near future I was reading some articles regarding the end of “How I Met Your Mother” and gasp a new series, “How I Met Your Dad” …. 


Yes, I know. Just to begin with HIMYD just doesn’t have the same ring to it as HIMYM add to that that the cast will not include “How I Met Your Mother” stars, Neil Patrick Harris, Allyson Hannigan, Jason Segal, Cobie Smolders or Josh Radnor (at least until the show concludes, assuming it takes off the way HIMYM did). My first thought was O.M.G. how can HIMYM creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas begin to replace the series that in my mind, not everyone’s of course (in just now doing a little research I saw blogs that said “Friends” was better … uh, yeah right!), replaced “Friends”? HIMYM quite honestly made me almost forget about “Friends” which of course is one of the most beloved series of all time and definitely along with Seinfeld, of the 1990s. And I happen to own all ten seasons of “Friends” and all available 8 of 9 season of “How I Met Your Mother.”

I’ve thought about it over the past nine years that I have been obsessed with “How I Met Your Mother” – why is it that I love it so much more than “Friends”? Here are a few reasons that have been thoughtfully mulled over:

  1. NPH – I’m in love with Neil Patrick Harris. Yes, I know he is gay, married and has a beautiful family but let’s face it, the guy is EXTREMELY talented, funny, sexy and plays the complete opposite of who he really is … LEGEN … wait for it … DARY!!!
  2. I am the same age as the characters. That definitely helps relating to the series … kids in their late 20’s – early 30’s who have a little more edge than the characters of “Friends” – kids like me today vs. kids my age in the 90’s (I use the term “kids” because there is NO way I’m really a grown up, right?) and as Barney puts it in Season 2, Episode 7, “Hanging out in a coffee place, not nearly as much fun as hanging out in a bar.” True Story. Who hangs out in a coffee shop in their mid-20’s? Bars? Yes … now that makes sense. Watching “Friends” as a kid was cute and funny and it seems now made more for kids. In a different era HIMYM is more liberal and crude and made for an audience of 20-30 somethings. I mean maybe in the 90s people hung out in coffee shops at night having drinking caffeine over smoking weed and drinking beer or shots but I can tell you for a fact it is not like that now! Come the f*ck on if you disagree ,.. then you must just be naive. Gotta agree with Barney’s quote from the Season 2, Episode 7 … WAY MORE FUN AT A BAR. 
  3. You can’t abbreviate “Friends” into something cool that everyone knows and can use with other crazy internet terms like “OMG!” – HIMYM is just a dope way to refer to your fave show. Just sayin’. (I know the internet was new back in the day but still what would use to abbreviate “Friends” in today’s world. I dare you to think of something cool)
  4. The characters lack in a good way the extreme neuroses and/or personalities that the “Friends” characters. The HIMYM characters most certainly have their extreme tendencies – mostly the guys – Barney’s a man whore, Marshall believes in the well, unbelievable and Ted – well we can all agree can be sappy as shit. But not annoying the way Ross or Joey or Monica could be …. Idk, I am gonna get so much shit for this blog but f*ck it! Just f*ck it! HIMYM IS JUST COOLER PERIOD.
  5. Also,the presence of Bob Sagat on the show is just hysterical … Ted’s an adult on the show … why does he need someone else to do the voice over? There’s no reason except for 1. It is Bob Sagat and 2. there’s no reason … which is exactly the perfect reason. 

I can name a thousand more reasons why HIMYM is the greatest show ever … Later I will put a list of my top 5 favorite episodes up until where we left off in Dec. 2013 – Season 9, Episode 13. But I will leave that till later,

When I started out the point of this blog was simply to post the links to info about the 200th episode and HIMYD not to compare it to Friends. I swear it wasn’t! I just ended up there on a rant and a whim. So I should probably shut up now before everyone (except for the many HIMYM fanatics I know) will kill me or at the very least never read my blog again! 

Back to my original point in writing about HIMYM at all: “How I Met Your Dad” … it will not take place at MacLaren’s and it will center on the mother’s character, who’s name we have yet to find out, played by Broadway actress Cristin Miliot on her quest to finally end up with Ted Mosby. But can this really be possible? The mother is already likable and popular with the show’s fans, popular enough to have fans hoping that the mother’s name ends up being Cristin. I have a feeling the final scene of the show will be Ted saying “Hi I’m Ted” and the mother saying “Hi I’m _____.” end scene, fade to black – however you put it. It’s sad because a lot of fans were hoping for a tenth season in which Ted dates and marries the mother. But that is not of course the premise of the show. It’s not “How I Married Your Mother” (although that lends itself well to the acronym HIMYM – lol) it’s Ted’s story until he meets her. Granted we have seen a few scens of the future like when he proposes at the light house for example which has been nice because it kinda quells those urges to need to see them date and get married. I mean we HAD to see Ted finally propose to the right person or well, personally I’d feel like my life wasn’t complete! (jk but serious, it woulda sucked ass not to see that). 

My goodness how I go off track when I am talking about something I am emotionally invested in! I am obviously emotionally invested in baseball, absolutely, I admit it. But I can write about baseball in a professional voice if I need to … doing so when talking about HIMYM is seemingly impossible. I’m too emotionally invested in this damn show. Kinda like I was with Jack Bauer in “24” but that was a little different …. these characters feel like the kinds of people I hang out with, realistic to a fault almost.  But again I fcking digress! WHAT THE FCK?! LOL! 

So as I was saying before (good thing I have a couple links for ya at the end of this because this is a definite incoherent ramble of nonsense I guess I just need to vent) ,… I was saying that the mother will have her own friends, they’ll have their own bar and I hope that the details will be as close as possible to what we know about the mother – the yellow unbrella, the little bus on the shelf, playing bass in a band, her laughing at Ted’s “shellfish – selfish” joke … that kinda stuff and there are no guarantees but hopefully there will be cameo until the spinoff is coming to a close assuming it makes it long enough to span 9 years. These past 9 years ehave gone by in a flash! “Friends” and “Seinfeld” seemed like a decade had gone by, I remember skeptically watching the first HIMYM like it was yesterday… so at least I have finally come full circle to the point I had hoped to make when I began this virtually incoherent tirade … 

Will “How I Met Your Dad” work? I don’t know. Will us HIMYM fans be desperate and watch it? Like what happened to me. HIMYM premiered the fall after “Friends” ended and I thought it was going to be a lame knock off not the fabulously better show it turned out to be! Maybe, but without my boy NPH I doubt it … tho if Cristin Miliot stays on as the mother I’m thinking there may be a chance it will work …. 


My Top 5 Fave Episodes of HIMYM

  1. Season 2, Episode 7 – “Swarley”
  2. Season 1, Espisode – “The Pineapple Incident”
  3. Season 7, Episode 6 – “History vs. Mystery” (guest starring Kal Penn)
  4. Season 8, Episodes 11, 12 “The Final Play” parts 1 & 2
  5. Season 6, Episode 22 – “The Perfect Cocktail”
**honorable mention goes to all 4 episodes involving Barney saying “It’s Robin Sparkles __ y’all”**

Below are the links that inspired this incoherent monstrosity of a blog post …. 

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