A’s Playing at AT&T? Not Gonna Happen!


So I’m in a bit of a hurry but here goes: the purpose of this blog is to address 1. the remote possibility of the A’s playing at AT&T Park next season and 2. to point out that the pic that goes along with the article is a pick of me (Oakland A’s Socks Girl), DMock, CocoFingers and OaklandGreenMan … so I obviously found that to be pretty cool! Check it out by clicking the link below:

Possibility of A’s having to play at AT&T next Season & OaklandAsSocksGirl’s Pic in the article on ABC news

Well there’s all this talk about the A’s possibly playing at AT&T Park next season … my first response is basically I just threw up a little bit (again just thinking about it!)! My other response it that it’s not gonna happen. The A’s will make a deal and be at the Coliseum for the next couple years and probably until a new stadium is built in Oakland – and it will be! – They’ve been talking about San Jose for over a decade and nothing’s happened? Really? Something really gonna change? What will is Oakland and local investors (who are ready to buy the team – JUST SELL LEW!) will pick a site and we will have a new stadium … there’s too much more to go into for me to go into detail on my thoughts on the A’s/SJ/AT&T/Oak … which I may do at one point someday but that day isn’t today! 

Also it’s cool that they feature A’s fans photo’s on the article … First one? One of my friends and me! Not a bad tweet to wake up to in the morning! LOL! (I included a pic of Oakland Vader bc he should have been represented too!)

 Melvin’s Misfits and Oakland A’s Socks Girl
(I’m kinda an honorary member of the Misfits!)

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