My First Solo Article for!

Please take a look! It would really help me out if you checked it out on the site! The title is : 2013 Oakland Athletics: Why They Will Win the AL West 

Here is my first real solo article for! Its a bit rough in my opinion but the editors helped me out and were really great! Please take a moment to read it and tell me what you think – positive or negative! Thank you!! I can use all the help I can get!!

This is totally my dream to have the freedom to write about baseball and even better my Oakland Athletics. I tried to make the article as unbiased and to the truth as much as I could! I still have things to work on but for a first real try I think I did alright! All comments and criticisms are welcome because how else will I improve? Thank you for you time! Have a wonderful day! <3 OaklandAsSocksGirl

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