What’s the Definition of your Name?

Urban Dictionary: Jen

Bored, messing around on Twitter and saw this. Clicked on it for fun and found this! It’s actually cute, funny and relatively interesting … probably not to you but to me! LMAO! Pretty good definition … actually. Maybe a little overly complimentary but all around relatively true! Have a great day! Maybe check out your name! Could be fun!

Urban Dictionary: Jen

Highly intelligent, attractive, and creative. Witty and usually sarcastic.
Compassionate & very loyal once you win her over — 
warning, she will hold her own and do what’s necessary 
if you prove incapable of being a healthy asset to her life. 
Ah, and certainly not least she is also very sensual… 
you’d be damn lucky to get her in bed let alone find a place in her heart.

Regular Dictionary: Jen (derivative of Jennifer)

So then I’m thinking well what does my name really mean?? I could probably find a thousand different definitions but here’s a site that came up in the first few http://www.zelo.com/firstnames so I’ll roll with it … 
This site says its of Welsh origin and means White Wave … so not as cool or interesting as the first one. Oh well … 
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