MLB Trade Deadline: Why the A’s should trade for Jimmy Rollins

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 Anthony Gruppuso/USA TODAY Sports

Anthony Gruppuso/USA TODAY Sports

MLB Trade Deadline: Why the A’s should trade for Jimmy Rollins

The Oakland Athletics have the best record in baseball and have been atop Major League Baseball since June. They haven’t had a losing month in almost 15 months of regular season play and are one of the favorites for the A.L. pennant — maybe even the World Series.

Prior to the fourth of July, when the A’s shocked the baseball world by trading top prospects Addison Russell and Billy McKinney for two of the trade market’s top pitchers in Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel, it was the consensus that the A’s had two small weaknesses. The lesser of the two weaknesses being the back end of their starting rotation, which was taken care of on July 4, and the rather large hole the team still has at second base.


You can finish my article and find out why I think the A’s should at least make a play for Rollins – just click on the link below:

MLB Trade Deadline: Why the A’s should trade for Jimmy Rollins

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Burns gets first Major League start for A’s

Rookie Billy Burns Gets First MLB Start!

Congrats Billy! Steal us some bases! Let’s Go Oakland!

Just brought up from the Double-A Midland Rockhounds two days ago rookie Billy Burns has pinched hit in one game and been a pinch runner in another. Wednesday A’s manager Bob Melvin is giving Burns his first Major league start. He will bat in the leadoff spot and play centerfield in place of the ailing Coco Crisp and injured Craig Gentry who is on the disabled list.

Burns is as fast as they come. He was an absolute joy to watch at spring training in Phoenix this year! Look for him to steal if he gets on base. He likely will as he can beat out even the most minor infield hit with ease. This is going to be fun! Let’s Go Oakland!!!!!



A’s score 6 runs in the ninth to steal the game from the Astros (video)


Bob Levy/Getty Images

Machado helps A’s, hits walk-off vs. Angels (video)

(then doesn’t know the difference between whipped cream and chocolate! Silly cry-baby man-boy b*tch)

Honestly, I hate to have to be grateful for Manny Machado hitting a stupid home run but the Angels are now 2 1/2 games back behind the Athletics in the A.L. West. It’s gonna be a tense rest of the season with the teams with the two best records in the game fighting for the same division title, but so far so good, the A’s remain in first place thanks to their astonishing ninth inning comeback and to Machado’s walk-off home run. would NOT allow me to embed the video of the A’s AmAzing comeback so you can watch the video of the best boys in the game to your hearts content by CLICKING HERE!

But don’t worry Manny, we here in Oakland still do not like you and still think you are spoiled little brat who I, personally, believe can’t tell the difference between whipped cream and chocolate – unless chocolate whipped cream is white as well … on that I am not 100%. Anyone know if they sell chocolate flavored whipped cream that is still white??? (because obviously to make a “pie” very quickly whipped cream is what you would use, in fact, I believe it is what WE IN OAKLAND use when we have #WalkOffPie … seriously, it’s like other teams just have no originality but that’s another story for another day) I’m truly curious … so please comment and let me know if you know the answer! Thanks! Otherwise I will just end up feeling and looking like a jackass …. but here’s Manny and the (chocolate????) pie … don’t bother listening to man-boy talk, just check out the pie and chime in what you think! IMO Manny deserves no celebration, he is just continuing to repay the A’s for his abominable actions in early July, being that his suspension was WAY too short and his undisclosed fine I’m sure WAY too small … so keep paying us back Manny, we certainly do not own you any thanks!

**Now that you’ve seen that go back and watch the A’s win all over again because it was so beAutiful and it will get man-boy outta your mind. Now, let’s beat those silly Astros again today … cheer hard A’s fans! (you guys out there in Houston were doing a greAt job last night!)** 

Gentry hits DL, A’s call up OF Billy Burns from Double-A


Lance Iverson/ USATODAY Sports

 Billy Burns is extremely exciting news, it also comes with a loss. It was reported today by John Shea of the San Francisco Chronicle that outfielder Craig Gentry, 30, has been put on the disabled list with a broken hand. However, Burns is as fast as they come. He came over to the Athletics organization in the trade that sent lefty-reliever Jerry Blevins to the Washington Nationals and will be the first rookie the A’s have used all season.

Back before the season began I made the Bold Prediction that Billy Burns would make the A’s Opening Day roster. It was a bold statement to make about a kid that was sent down to Double-A Midland on the very last possible day. While top prospect Addison Russell who was traded to the Cubs for Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel, sat out most of Spring Training with an injury and pretty much the first half of the season with another injury, Burns was doing his thing.

To read the rest of my article CLICK HERE!!!


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First column for FanSided: MLB: 5 active players who are HOF locks

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MLB HOF: 5 active players who are Hall of Fame locks

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David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports


ICYMI: Around MLB with Oakland A’s Socks Girl: July 25-26, 2014

MLB News, Videos, Fantasy, Injury Updates and More: May 7, 2014Welcome to another edition of ICYMI: Around MLB with Oakland A’s Socks Girl! Find all the latest MLB updates, analysis and opinions from FanSided’s Call to the Pen and my blog! If there’s something you want to see so that Bullpen, Baseball & Sock Talk will be your first stop for all the latest news around the league please let me know! Leave a comment! Email me: or hit me up on Twitter @OakAsSocksGrl! I would love to hear your suggestions and feedback! That’s my goal to get you guys coming back for more! Thanks for reading! xx ~ Jen

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MLB Hall of Fame: 5 current players who are HOF locks

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July 25, 2014

  • Athletics 1 @ Rangers 4
  • Cardinals 6 @ Cubs 7
  • Blue Jays 4 @ Yankees 6
  • Dbacks 5 @ Phillies 9
  • Red Sox 4 @ Rays 6
  • Nationals 4 @ Reds 1
  • Indians 4 @ Royals 6
  • Padres 5 @ Braves 2
  • Mets 3 @ Brewers 2
  • White Sox 9 @ Twins 5
  • Marlins 2 @ Astros 0
  • Pirates 1 @ Rockies 8
  • Dodgers 8 @ Giants 1
  • Tigers 1 @ Angels 2
  • Orioles 2 @ Mariners 1

July 26, 2014

  • Athletics 5 @ Rangers 1
  • Blue Jays 6 @ Yankees 4
  • Cardinals 6 @ Cubs 3
  • Orioles 3 @ Mariners 4
  • Nationals 0 @ Reds 1
  • Indians 5 @ Royals 7
  • DBacks 10 @ Phillies 6 in 10
  • White Sox 7 @ Twins 0
  • Mets 3 @ Brewers 5
  • Marlins 7 @ Astros 3
  • Padres 3 @ Braves 5
  • Pirates 1 @ Rockies 8
  • Red Sox 0 @ Rays 3
  • Dodgers 5 @ Giants 0 (gotta love it!)
  • Tigers 0 @ Angels 4

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Hall of Fame announces change to eligibility rules

The National Baseball Hall of Fame announced Saturday that there will be changes, effective immediately, to rules of voting used by the Baseball Writers Association of America (BBWAA) that determine player eligibility.

The new rule which changes a players eligibility to be on the Hall of Fame ballot are literally in effect as I type this and will affect the 2015 ballot. Only three players are exempt from the new rules but I will get to that. 

It’s been the policy of the HOF and BBWAA that a player is allowed to be on the ballot for 15 years. If after those 15 years they still haven’t received the 75  percent of the vote in a single year then they are no longer eligible for Hall of Fame election. That number of years – so number of chances – that a player has to be voted in has now been reduced to 10. 

The only players who are exempt from this rule are players who have already been on the ballot for between 10 and 15 years. There are only three players that qualify, Alan Trammell, Don Mattingly and Lee Smith. This means that players such as Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Mark McGwire who have not yet been voted in, most likely due to their involvement in the use of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs), now have significantly less time and fewer chances to be considered for entry into the  HOF.

All the other rules surrounding voting and eligibility will remain the same. A full listing of the rules can be found on the National Baseball Hall of Fame’s website. The announcement did not come with any reasoning on why or when the decision was made but it’s announcement comes in the middle of Hall of Fame Weekend and on the eve of the 2014 Induction Ceremony where players Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, Frank Thomas and managers Tony La Russa, Bobby Cox and Joe Torre will forever be enshrined in baseball history. 

There’s bound to be controversy surrounding this decision, although it shouldn’t make a difference, because there are some who put part of the blame on the managers whose players used PEDs during what has been dubbed the “Steroid Era” in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Personally I do not, esp. not on La Russa, Cox or Torre. For one thing the managers do not have complete control over their player’s actions and choices and two, these three managers in particular were winning managers both before and after the so-called “Steroid Era,” making their accomplishments no less incredible.

I think this decision is a good one since it affects players like Barry Bonds. I don’t believe cheaters and liars belong in the Hall of Fame alongside guys who had natural talent AND worked hard to use it properly. However, I do find it to be a random and arbitrary decision.

My only hope is that it does not hurt former Houston Astro, Craig Biggio. Biggio has the statistics to be in the hall and has almost been voted in before. In the most recent vote he literally missed getting 75 percent of the vote by two votes, just two actual writers needed to vote for him – so even though another childhood hero of mine in McGwire gets fewer opportunities to be considered, he like Bonds, made the decisions he made and he has to live with that. Thankfully he doesn’t have to live with being an arrogant, lying ass like Bonds but that’s another story for another time … so screw all them but vote in Biggio! … that’s all I have to say on the matter – for now at least ….  lol! 

Cardinals sign A.J. Pierzynski

Getty Images

Getty Images

With the loss of All-Star catcher Yadier Molina to injury, the St. Louis Cardinals were rumored to have been looking into acquiring Kurt Suzuki, one of the only experienced catchers out there on the market.

Everyone had all but forgotten that the A.J. Pierzynski had been designated for assignment by the Boston Red Sox and was basically sitting at home an unemployed free agent without many prospective jobs in his forseeable future.

In his 17-year career Pierzynski has had quite a bit of success offensively and he’s worked with many top pitchers throughout his career, mainly with the Chicago White Sox and Minnesota Twins. When the Red Sox let him go however, he was batting just .254 which is well below his career .282 average. And there is always the fact that  – to put it delicately – he’s, well, known to be a problem in the clubhouse and on the field. It appeared as though home was right where Pierzynski would stay.

“How’s that couch treating ya bro?” is something I think a lot of fans and players would have said to him in jest.

Getty Images

Getty Images

I say would have said because apparently the St. Louis Cardinals hadn’t forgotten about the 37-year old free agent catcher and it seems that they figure they can handle him for half a season. How hard can that be, right?

In Molina’s absence the Cardinals have been using Tony Cruz and George Kottaras behind the plate. Molina was hitting .287 when he ruptured a ligament in his thumb and he is consider one of, if not the, best defensive catchers in the game. Cruz is batting .220 and Kottaras had been claimed on waivers from the Indians.

So without much to work with, Pierzynski, a guy with experience who has hit for .300 for the majority of his career, looks great in comparison. It didn’t matter how difficult he has been known to be, no matter how disliked he is among the fans, players and umpires around the league. It’s also easy to overlook the fact that he was hitting just .254 when your other choice is hitting .220.

So, the Cardinals decided to go with Pierzynski instead of trying to trade for someone, who like Suzuki may be, younger and more agreeable but who wouldn’t be an offensive upgrade to a .254 hitting Pierzynski.  It was announced by a number of sources that the team and the veteran catcher came to an agreement late Friday night and according to Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal, Pierzynski will be available to play Saturday when the Cardinals take on the Chicago Cubs. In fact he is already in the city.

For an organization that usually prides itself on being drama free, it will be more than interesting to see how this plays out. But with a former catcher in Mike Matheney running the show and Molina still a presence in the clubhouse there’s the off-chance that this partnership could work out, at least briefly enough to get the Cards through the rest of the season and into the playoffs. All I have to say is “good luck with that,” but I’ve been proven wrong before, more than once, so ya never know.


ICYMI: Around MLB with Oakland A’s Socks Girl: July 22-24, 2014

MLB News, Videos, Fantasy, Injury Updates and More: May 7, 2014Welcome to another edition of ICYMI: Around MLB with Oakland A’s Socks Girl! Find all the latest MLB updates, analysis and opinions from FanSided’s Call to the Pen and my blog! If there’s something you want to see so that Bullpen, Baseball & Sock Talk will be your first stop for all the latest news around the league please let me know! Leave a comment! Email me: or hit me up on Twitter @OakAsSocksGrl! I would love to hear your suggestions and feedback! That’s my goal to get you guys coming back for more! Thanks for reading! xx ~ Jen

Bullpen, Baseball & Sock Talk highlights:

Call to the Pen Hall of Fame Induction Weekend Coverage:

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July 22, 2014

  • Astros 3 @ Athletics 2 in 12
  • Giants 9 @ Phillies 6
  • Rangers 1 @ Yankees 2 in 14
  • Dodgers 7 @ Pirates 12
  • Red Sox 3 @ Blue Jays 7
  • Marlins 6 @ Braves 5
  • Royals 7 @ Red Sox 1
  • Padres 0 @ Cubs 6
  • Indians 8 @ Twins 2
  • Reds 3 @ Brewers 4
  • Orioles 4 @ Angels 2
  • Rays 7 @ Cardinals 2
  • Mets 3 @ Mariners 1
  • Nationals 7 @ Rockies 4
  • Tigers 4 @ DBacks 5

July 23, 2014

  • Astros 7 @ Athletics 9
  • Reds 1 @ Brewers 5
  • Indians 1 @ Twins 3
  • Nationals 4 @ Rockies 6
  • Royals 2 @ White Sox 1
  • Tigers 11 @ DBacks 5
  • Mets 3 @ Mariners 2
  • Giants 3 @ Phillies 1
  • Rangers 1 @ Yankees 2 in 5
  • Dodgers 1 @ Pirates 6
  • Red Sox 4 @ Blue Jays 6
  • Marlins 1 @ Braves 6
  • Orioles 2 @ Angels 3
  • Rays 3 @ Cardinals 0
  • Padres 8 @ Cubs 3

July 24, 2014

  • Astros 1 @ Athletics 13
  • Giants 1 @ Phillies 2 (hehe!)
  • Red Sox 0 @ Blue Jays 8
  • Marlins 3 @ Braves 2
  • Rangers 2 @ Yankees 4
  • Padres 13 @ Cubs 3
  • Indians 1 @ Royals 2
  • Mets 1 @ Brewers 9
  • White Sox 5 @ Twins 2
  • Tigers 6 @ Angels 4 (YES!!!!! and I really hate the Tigers! lol)

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MLB’s National Baseball Hall of Fame induction previews


David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday six new members will be inducted into Major League Baseball’s  National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. Three of them are being inducted for their accomplishments during their playing careers: pitchers Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine, along with one of the game’s most prominent hitters, Frank Thomas. The three managers that will be joining them are arguably three of the best managers of all-time and certainly of their generation.

Collectively, Tony La Russa, Joe Torre and Bobby Cox have won a total of eight World Series titles and ten Manager of the Year Awards. They are third, fourth and fifth on the all-time managerial wins list with La Russa in third, Cox in fourth and Torre in the fifth spot behind legendary managers Connie Mack and John McGraw who also hold places in baseball’s Hall of Fame.

To read about the careers of Maddux, Glavine and Thomas CLICK HERE!

To read about the managerial careers of La Russa, Torre and Cox CLICK HERE!

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