Ike Davis. Chris Trotman/Getty Images.

How many first basemen do the A’s need? Acquire Ike Davis from Pirates

Ok, so the Oakland A’s acquired first baseman Ike Davis from the Pittsburgh Pirates on Sunday. Fortunately, they got him for very little. Davis had recently been designated for assignment by the Pittsburgh Pirates.

The A’s traded international bonus slot 27 for Davis and international bonus slot 86 from the Pirates. 

That’s actually not a bad deal considering Davis had a stellar year in just 2012 where he hit 32 home runs and drove in 90 runs. 

Since then, however, he has hit just 20 home runs and 84 RBI in two seasons with the New York Mets and then Pittsburgh. He has potential but hasn’t shown it in awhile.

And really, how many first baseman does Oakland need? They have Brandon Moss, Billy Butler, Stephen Vogt, Nate Freiman, Kyle Blanks and Davis who all can play at first. Um …. 

However, as the San Francisco Chronicles’ Susan Slusser points out, we shouldn’t read too much into the trade. It gives the A’s flexibility going into the winter meetings which are scheduled to take place December 8-11 in San Diego. 

Josh Reddick. Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images.

Josh Reddick. Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images.

Adding Davis for cheap allows the A’s the opportunity to explore more deals. They could barter with any of their first baseman or as Slusser suggests even right fielder Josh Reddick, as Moss could move into the outfield or even Vogt who played some games in right field  last season.

Although I don’t see the A’s trading Vogt. He’s flexible at where he can play (catcher, first, outfield) and he’s known for some pretty clutch hitting (“I Believe In Stephen Vogt” is a popular chant at O.Co Coliseum).

Regardless of what deals go down in two weeks, adding Davis gives the A’s depth as well as another possible trade chip. 

At first it was shocking to hear that the A’s had acquired Davis, however, when thought through it’s actually a great move by GM Billy Beane. It appears he is planning to be quite active at the winter meetings. 

Derek Jeter & President Barack Obama. Getty Images.

Derek Jeter and President Obama play golf in Las Vegas

Two of the nation’s most famous men (and two of my favorite people in the world!!), retired New York Yankees’ Captain Derek Jeter and President Obama, had a leisurely day together, playing golf on Saturday at the exclusive Shadow Creek course in Las Vegas.

Former NBA Star and sports legend Michael Jordan, has also played golf with the President. He’s been known to say that he wasn’t too impressed with Obama’s golf skills.

Derek Jeter & President Obama in 2009. Getty Images.

Derek Jeter & President Obama in 2009. Getty Images.

However, apparently Jeter’s is not any better, infact, he has a handicap of 30 while Obama’s is much better at 17. 

The two must have really enjoyed themselves because after their first round the pair decided to play another nine holes.

Jeter and Obama had previously met on more than one occasion but each encounted was official and baseball related, for example the two were first introduced at the 2009 All-Star game.

This time it appeared that they got a chance to know eachother a little more personally and seemed to hit it off well!

Personally, I’m not surprised! They are two of my favorite men in the entire world!! I met Jeter on the field at the O.Co Coliseum in Oakland a few years back. I have an autograph from the encounter, but unfortunately didn’t snap a picture.

I’m very privaledged, already having had the honor of meeting the amazing and wonderful President Obama whose campaign I worked on from 2006-2008 as the communications coordinator or my Congressional District.

President Obama and me. Michael Maloney/SF Chronicle.

President Obama and me. AP photo.

When Obama made one of his many trips to San Francisco I was able to meet and later hug the President. Lucky for me a local photographer snapped a shot of it and passed it along to the local papers.

At the time I was writing for one of them. It was cool but also slightly uncomfortable when I walked into work the next day and my picture with the President was on all the monitors! LOL!

It was a true honor to meet both the President and the Captain. Still, I wish I had been as cool as David Ortiz and snapped a selfie with each! :-)

And I’ll leave y’all with the video because it’s so beautiful and it makes me tear up everytime! 

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The battle for Panda: Padres jump in with biggest offer so far

The Panda has a big decision to make. Pablo Sandoval‘s agent has suggested that the third baseman would like to determine where he will play in 2015 before Thanksgiving, which is coming up this week.

This is not an easy decision for Panda. His biggest suitors are the Boston Red Sox, the San Francisco Giants and surprisingly the San Diego Padres have thrown their hat into the mix.

They have reportedly put the biggest offer yet on Sandoval’s table which means that either the number of years and/or the number of dollars is larger than the five-year $95 million contract that the Boston Red Sox have already put on the table.

What Panda really wants most is for a club to commit to a contract that runs at least six years. So far not one club seems to like that idea.

The Red Sox have been pushing for Sandoval since before he declined the Giants’ qualifying offer and even they didn’t offer the 28-year-old a six-year deal. 

Pablo Sandoval. Getty Images.

Pablo Sandoval. Getty Images.

Given Sandoval’s weight issues, which may hinder his health in the future, are a likely reason clubs are hesitant to commit to that many years.

According to John Shea of the San Francisco Chronicle Sandoval is already leaning towards signing with the Red Sox. Whether their contract off includes options, vesting or otherwise, is not public knowledge. 

Shea goes on to say that the Giants are not completely out of the picture.

Giants assistant GM Bobby Evans spoke to Henry Schulman, also of the San Francisco Chronicle, Thursday morning. He said that be believes that Sandoval’s interest in remaining with his old club is “sincere.”

“I think Pablo loves this fan base as muuch as any player loves a fan base and that could go a long way,” Evans said.

So the Giants are still assumed  to be in the hunt but have not yet put forth an offer. Back in March they offered Sandoval three-years and $40 million but he turned it down.

The length of the contract is Sandoval’s main priority.

With the Padres now in the mix, however, it is likely that the Giants would have to outbid both them and the Red Sox, which would be paying much more than they were originally prepared to spend.

If they lose Sandoval, it’s likely they will fiercly pursue Cuban slugger Yasmany Tomas. 

What’s really interesting here is the Padres offer! How much is it worth? What does it include?

Stay with BBST MLB for updates as this story develops.

Raul Ibanez. Getty Images

Raul Ibanez among top 3 finalists to manage Rays

YES!!! The Rays are moving in the right direction at least as far as I am concerned! Ok, as any of you who have read my blog before know, I am a HUGE Raul Ibanez fan! I absolutely LOVE the guy! 

He had an amazing career after becoming an everyday player with the Seattle Mariners right around the age of 30. He went on to have better statistics than after the age of thirty that some HOFer’s numbers couldn’t keep up -at least the numbers they put up after the age of 30.

Getty Images

Getty Images

Raul is in a class of his own in stats and also in the way that he just is a good person. Not a person who has met him has ever had anything to say except praise how humble he is and how it’s never about him, but his team.

He may not have ever managed whether in the bigs or minor leagues but he was basically a coach for the Kansas CityRoyals during the World Series.

Left, understandably, off the Royals’ postseason roster, Ibanez remained with the team acting as a mentor and coach to nearly all of the Royals’ players.

There were one or two who had postseason experience but it was the majority of the teams’ first postseason appearances. Then they made it from the Wild Card all the way to the American League Pennant. It’s apparent that while, Ned Yost is an excellent manager, Ibanez’s tuteledge came into play.

After all he has quite a bit of playoff experience. Just a couple examples include winning a World Championship as a member of the Philadelphia Phillies as well as hitting a game tying homer in the bottom of the ninth to tie the game and hitting another to win the game in the 12th inning during the 2012 ALDS with the New York Yankees.

The Yankees wanted Ibanez as their hitting coach but I’m hoping that he will get the manager position – he’s already beat out a lot of very qualified candidates to make it to the top three. I say, “Go ahead, quit playing Rays – hire him already!” 

The other two finalists are Kevin Cash and Don Wakamatsu. Both qualified candidates to be sure but I think that this has been Ibanez’s calling all along. He has the temperment to be an unbelievable manager, he’s an accomplished player and he’s perfect for the position.

Raul Ibanez.  Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

Raul Ibanez. Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

Who knows where he could take the Rays? And they most certainly need a little stable support after losing the now Chicago Cubs manager, Joe Maddon and general manager Andrew Freidman to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Raul could provide a stable and calm environment for the players. He’s the ONE! I’ve said it on this very blog before! I just wish some Rays executives new it existed and read it! LOL! He’s got to get the gig!

As soon as they put him on their managerial list, I knew he would go far – but the top three with no managerial experience? That’s incredible! 

I’m still rooting for you Raul, just like I always have regardless of what team you are on! Here’s to hoping the next manager of the Tampa Bay Rays is Mr, Raul Ibanez!!!

Keith Law. ESPN.

ESPN suspends Keith Law for being right?

How did I miss the news of Curt Schilling getting his PhD and becoming a scientist but I managed to catch the news that Lance Berkman was returning to Rice full-time to finish his education? 

It appears that ESPN suspended baseball analyst Keith Law for defending the facts – oh I mean “theory” – of Evolution. Oh I meant to mention that the suspension is from Twitter.

Still, it makes one think, “Does this mean ESPN is against the “theory” of Evolution?”

It leads me to believe that the people running the network may be. The entire incident began because he called out co-worker and former pitcher Curt Schilling on Twitter, which is the “reason for the suspension but doesn’t it take two to fight?

Curt Schilling. ESPN2.

Curt Schilling. ESPN2.

Schilling tweeted out a video where he maintains he “dubunked” (you WANT to click the link – after you have finished reading of course!) Evolution. Law responded in what I consider an actually polite manner. It could have been much worse.

First of all sayng you “debunked” Evolition is completely absurd. Last time I checked Mr. Schilling was a former big league pitcher not a scientist.

How could I miss news of Schilling getting his PhD but I caught the news that Lance Berkman was returning to Rice full-time to finish his education? 

There is scientific proof of evolution. Do creationists have proof of their story about the ark with animals or immaculate conception? SMH.

So what did Law do wrong? He got into an argument with a colleague who was obviously spreading misinformation to the masses, many of whom may actually believe him because he pitched in the World Series with a bloody sock?

Keith Law was providing a very valuable public service in stopping (or at least attempting to stop) Schilling from helping to dumb down the masses!

The Twitter interaction went down on November 12th and Law was suspended from Twitter on Wednesday. Deadspin, who first broke the story, reports that a source tells them he will be able to return to Twitter on Monday.

I’m honestly shocked that Schilling was not suspended. And not even because he is clueless  but because he tweeted this:

I’m not EVEN going to comment on what I think about this statement because then things could get nasty and we will be here all day. Plus, ESPN might try and suspend me from my own blog!

ESPN’s only public comment on the subject,

“Keith’s Twitter suspension had absolutely nothing to do with his opinions on the subject.”

Something tells me there might be a little more to it than that because the exchange between the two wasn’t too derogatory towards Schilling, Law could have been much worse. Plus, isn’t Schilling the one embarrassing the network in the first place?

Here are some of the tweets between the two and you can decide what you think. As for me it’s pretty obvious that this suspension (even if it is only a Twitter suspension!) is completely unfair.

I’m with Law. It’s 2014, scientific facts tells us that there was infact EVOLUTION. This kind of ignorance terrifies me!

Even if there weren’t fossils and such to be used as scientific evidence,  should it matter what Law says on his personal Twitter account? It’s not like he used the @ESPN Twitter account!


Obviously the suspension is cloaked in the idea that Law “disrespected” a colleague but this makes it quite obvious the way in which ESPN leans and which analyst they care more about, doesn’t it?

Believe in SCIENCE!!

Justin Upton. Getty Images.

Cubs already in talks to acquire Justin Upton from Braves

It’s already been reported that the Atlanta Braves are shopping their two-time All-Star outfielder Justin Upton.

What hasn’t been reported yet is that the Braves are actively talking with the Chicago Cubs* about a trade for Upton.

While this hasn’t been officially announced by either club, a source close to the organization has reported that there have infact been exchanges between the Cubs and Braves regarding Upton.

The scenario is not far-fectched in the least. It makes sense as the Cubs have a rich farm system as well as the resources to re-sign Upton to an extension to keep from losing the slugger to free agency after the season. 

Now, there have been a few teams already associated with Upton, one being the Mariners. That doesn’t make all that much sense to me because they would be bringing him into the extremely pitcher-friendly Safeco Field.

Yet the Mariners do have the type of pitching prospects that the Braves are looking for as they are basically in the beginning of a rebuilding phase.

Other interested parties include the Houston Astros and the Texas Rangers, both of whom also have strong farm systems.

Jason Heyward. Getty Images.

Jason Heyward. Getty Images.

With the trade of Jason Heyward and Tommy La Stella, plus designating Jonny Venters and Ramiro Pena for assignment, it appears that the Braves are looking to get as much young pitching talent as possible to fortify their farm system.

It’s also been said that they will be looking for even more in return than they asked for when they traded Heyward and reliever Jordan Walden to the Cardinals last week.

In return for the reliever and All-Star outfielder, who hit .271/.351/.384 with 11 home runs and 58 RBI, as well as winning his second career Gold Glove Award for Atlanta in 2014, the Braves recieved quite a bit from the Cardinals.

The Cardinals sent over a solid starter who will be under team control for the next four years in Shelby Miller and top pitching prospect Tyrell Jenkins.

Both Upton and Heyward will be free agents next year. However, Upton is scheduled to make almost twice as much as Heyward in 2015. 

The Braves apparently believe that Upton is worth more than Heyward mainly due to his power. He had 29 home runs and 102 RBI last season which is considerably more than Heyward’s numbers. 

Upton was also hit more home runs than any right handed hitter in the National League last season besides the Miami Marlins’ Giancarlo Stanton (37).  

Strong right handed hitters are in demand this offseason and the Braves feel that some team will be willing to pay and/or give up the prospects they so desperately want, in order to have an extra 30 home runs next year.

Upton may be expensive but the Cubs are out to prove that they can be contenders in 2015 and having Upton on the roster would certainly help their chances.

So don’t be surprised if the Cubs jump in and make a trade for Upton. It’s a possibility, and given the circumstances surrounding both clubs, it could very well happen.

 I understand that the Cubs were a part of Upton’s no trade list but so were the Mariners and now they are not. It is subject to change. The list also stems back to his time with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Obviously things have changed quite a bit. If my source is correct and there have been talks that means that Upton likely OK’d the interaction between the two clubs

Rob Manfred. Stephen Dunn/Getty Images.

Rob Manfred given a 5-year term

It appears that Major League Baseball’s commissioner-elect Rob Manfred, who will take over for incumbent Commissioner Bud Selig in January, will be around for awhile.

For at least five years Manfred will hold the office of the Commissioner of Major League Baseball.   

Thursday Selig announced that the owners of all 30 MLB teams voted unanimously to give Manfred a five-year term.

The announcement came at the end of two days of meetings of baseball’s owners in Kansas City. Selig will preside over his final owners’ meeting in Arizona in January.

The yearly GM meetings took place earlier in the month in Phoenix and MLB’s big event, the annual winter meetings are scheduled to take place December 8-11 in San Diego.

Manfred’s main objective as commissioner will be to draw the interest of younger fans to baseball. 

One way he plans to accomplish this is to improve the pace of play. In the last 30 years the time length has changed dramatically, going from two hours and thirty minutes to an average of three hours in 2014.

Rob Manfred & Bud Selig. Getty Images.

Rob Manfred & Bud Selig. Getty Images.

Selig has appointed a commitee to work on the issue and the pace of play initiatives were tested during the 2014 Arizona Fall League’s season, much like expanded replay was utilized during the 2013 AFL season.

Replay was considered a success and baseball’s top executives believe that the pace of play initiatives will be successful as well.

However, no changes can be made for the 2015 season without approval from the MLB Players’ Association. They can be implemented in 2016 as the commissioner can make changes if the MLBPA is given a year’s notice, though an agreement is likely to be made before the 2016 season.

Other than working on the pace of play initiatives and fine tuning expanded replay, the commission and the commissioner-to-be have been having a smooth transistion.

Commissioner Selig said of the changing of the guard,

“We are where we want to be. We’re having a wonderful transition, orderly transition, good transition. That’s very important.”

Commissioner-elect Manfred, who has worked for MLB since 1998, said that the idea of being the Commissioner of Major League Baseball,

“Hits me every day when I go to work. I agree with Commissioner Selig, we’ve had a really productive and smooth transition.”

This is a good sign, at least so far, that Manfred will be able to, at least, seamlessly step into Selig’s shoes without any major issues prior to the new season.

What he does during the five years following remains to be seen. Let’s just hope it’s good for the game.



Welcome to Oakland, Country Breakfast!

Not really a post – just wanted to share this!!! via the @Athletics!

Yay! Fun stuff! Welcome to Oakland, Country Breakfast! :-D

Steven Souza Jr. Getty Images.

Zimmermann thanks Souza with Best Buy gift card?!

This entire situation is too strange to end with a Best Buy gift card. It is! In a time when NFL quarterbacks give their entire offensive line new cars, Jordan Zimmermann gave Steven Souza Jr. a gift card for saving his first career no-hitter and the first no-hitter in Washington Nationals history.

Steven Souza Jr. Getty Images.

Steven Souza Jr. Getty Images.

Of course the amount on the gift card was not disclosed to the public so it could have been a million dollars for all we know but the whole card thing is just plain funny.

That is especially true if you can remember the tense scene at Nationals’ Park in Washington D.C. on the final day of the 2014 MLB regular season. 

28-year-old right-hander Jordan Zimmermann was on the verge of pitching a no-hitter against the Miami Marlins and starting pitcher Henderson Alvarez.

And maybe I am weird, I don’t know, but I think part of what made this so bizzare is that Alvarez pitched a no-hitter in game 162 in 2013. No, he wasn’t playing the Nationals, it was the Detroit Tigers, that would have just been too much weirdness for me.

Although, Alvarez pitched a gem the day of Zimmermann’s no-no. The only offense the Nats could provide for Zimmermann was a solo shot off the bat of Ian Desmond. Alvarez and A.J. Ramos combined to allow 11 hits and just the one run.

Steven Souza Jr. Getty Images.

Steven Souza Jr. Getty Images.

Back to the top of the ninth inning at Nationals’ Park. Stephen Souza Jr. has just entered the game to replace left fielder Ryan Zimmerman (I bet the other Zimmermann didn’t even notice, at first).

With two outs the Marlins’ Christian Yelich came to the plate and on a 2-1 pitch, hit a fly ball that appeared as though it was going to drop in deep left center, perhaps even bounce off the wall.

Nationals’ centerfielder Michael Taylor had no chance and Souza suddenly entered the picture and made an incredible diving grab that ended the game and kept Zimmermann’s no-hitter intact.

Everyone finally took a breath and then it was time for Washington to celebrate the end of their 2014 season with a no-hitter at Nationals Park and the knowledge that the had a spot waiting for them in the postseason.

Jordan Zimmermann. Getty Images.

Jordan Zimmermann. Getty Images.

Good times and even stranger coincidences right? It was a great game. I was glad I got to watch part of it, obviously I saw the ending. 

With social media the news of a no-hitter into say the 5th catches like a wild fire among the baseball faithful. Next thing you know you’re not even watching your own team’s game anymore but the no-hitter rooting either for or against the pitcher.

Oh, wait, am I the only one who does that? The rooting for or against? I guess I can just be mean like that (like when it concerns the gnats).

Seems like Zimmermann getting to truly enjoy that moment might be worth more than a gift card. But like I said, we don’t know how much it was for, so really I shouldn’t be judging – but in a way I am.

Best Buy, really? Although Souza did tell MLB.com that it was a useful gift for him,  

“He gave a gift certificate to help me out for my house. It was very thoughtful.”

Still, maybe it’s just me or the mood I’m in but it’s like, “Come on Zimmermann, you’re a two- time All-Star with a good salary so? Where’s the car?” lol. :-)

Jon Lester. Lance Iverson/USATODAY Sports.

Jon Lester has offer on the table from Red Sox

6:pm: Also featured: information on Sandoval, Giants, Red Sox

According to the Boston Globe’s Nick Cafardo the Red Sox have reportedly offered Lester six-years and $110-$120 million.

Which would be considered a “discount” since some think that he could make up to $150 as previously noted. 

The Red Sox have also made an offer to third baseman Pablo Sandoval who they’ve had their eyes on since the first day he was a free agent.

They seem to have done a good job wooing the 28-year-old but the San Francisco Giants also want Sandoval back meaning that they could bid high.

Still, Brandon Belt and Brandon Crawford are now arbitration eligible and will be making more money and at somepoint they may be looking to lock those two down. I don’t see Sandoval fitting into that picture financially for the Giants.

However, I’m not their financial planner so I could way off. It’s just the feeling I get. Still the Blue Jays are said to be putting in an offer to Sandoval within the next 24 hours so you never know.

I bet that both Lester and Sandoval sign with the Red Sox, that is unless the Atlanta Braves sweep Lester off his feet.

They very well might! It also doesn’t hurt that Lester’s family lives in the Atlanta area. A lot of players don’t get the opportunity to be near their families like that and Lester is a family-first kind of guy. 

I guess will know more tomorrow. Word is that Lester is already in Atlanta. Will the Braves swoop in and break the Red Sox hearts? lol.

Updated: November 19, 2014

The Hot Stove season continues to be a combination of surprising and stressful. That’s the fun of it though, I can’t imagine being someone like Jon Lester who is being courted seriously by quite a few teams.

Just yesterday the talk of Lester meeting with both the Chicago Cubs and the Atlanta Braves this week.

There were also rumors of the Toronto Blue Jays wanting to thwart the Cubs again by jumping on the Lester train. Just Tuesday they out bid the Cubs, signing catcher Russell Wilson to a five-year deal.

Max Scherzer. Ben Margot/AP.

Max Scherzer. Ben Margot/AP.

With the Cubs extremely serious about getting a veteran ace for their staff, they might give up on signing Lester and turn to Max Scherzer or James Shields with this latest Lester news break. Peter Gammons reported Tuesday that the Cubs’ executives believed that Lester was planning to sign with the Boston Red Sox.

It appears now that they may have been on the right track. While Lester hasn’t signed with anyone and is still scheduled to meet with Atlanta Thursday this is all still a lot of talk, albeit interesting talk.

Lester, who met with his former team earlier in the week, apparently has an offer on the table from the Red Sox.

A source told ESPN about the offer and “that he did not expect Lester to make a quick decision.” He did not disclose the terms of the offer. Lester already rejected a four-year $70 million offer from the Red Sox last March and is now coming off a career year at 31 years old.

He’s poised to get a much larger offer, both in years as well as financially.  He’ll likely want a six or seven-year deal which could easily take his salary up to the $150 million range.

So now questions abound. What could the Red Sox offer be if Lester did not reject it? He’s said in the past that he would be willing to return to the team that traded him at the July 31st deadline this summer and that he’d do it at a discount.

If he still feels that way, how much of a discount would he accept? Would it be in years or in dollars? Then again just because he did not reject the Red Sox offer does not mean he won’t sign elsewhere. Lester also has ties to the Atlanta area as his family home is not far from the Braves new stadium.

Jon Lester. Getty Images.

Jon Lester. Getty Images.

Beyond that there are whispers that the New York Yankees and the St. Louis Cardinals might get in on the Lester sweepstakes. While these cities might not feel like home to Lester, they might be more desirable in the end. 

Both New York and St. Louis have the resources to sign Lester to a monster deal that could sway him. Still, it IS telling that the door is still open with the Red Sox after they’ve already set an offer down in front of him.

I guess we’ll have to stay on the edge of our seats on this one.  Stressful and fun, the Hot Stove season truly is for baseball fans and I assume even moreso the players.

Honestly, I thought more teams would be fighting over Scherzer before they did Lester. That’s where the fun part plays in … anything can happen, especially the unexpected.

Original Text: November 18, 2014

The rumors swirling around free agent pitcher Jon Lester are quite varied and cover a wide range of teams from the Blue Jays, who are fresh off of signing catcher Russell Martin to a 5-year deal, to the Chicago Cubs who, according to Peter Gammons, believe that Lester will sign with the Boston Red Sox.

The Cubs think he’s going back to Boston,” Gammons said. “He and his reps are going to wait and see if the Yanks jump in & they might.”

So, you can add the possibility of the New York Yankees jumping into the fray at the last minute to the list. On top of that Lester is meeting with the Atlanta Braves Thursday and it has been pointed out that Lester and his family have a house in Atlanta and enjoy the area.

That’s also been said about Boston where Lester has lived and thrived for the past eight seasons. It has been noted that the Braves may not be able to afford Lester who will likely command at least $20 million a year.

Still the Braves did free up some money in trading Jason Heyward and Jordan Walden to the Cardinals for Shelby Miller on Monday. 

Lester has said previously that he would return to Boston for a discount. Would he go to Atlanta for a real home town discount?


Either option could be tempting for the 30-year-old left hander. It wouldn’t be easy to say no to the Braves with his wife and sons living just a short drive away from the Braves new stadium.

Yet, there’s Lester’s loyalty to the Red Sox, even though they traded him to Oakland mid-2014. He’s spent almost all of his career in Boston with the Red Sox and loves the city.

Given all that, does anyone REALLY know where Jon Lester is going to sign? Probably not.

Jon Lester. Getty Images.

Jon Lester. Getty Images.

If anyone does it is only Lester himself and he’s stayed mum. He’s also been pretty busy setting up meeting with a number of teams.

It appears likely that he may not even have an idea yet and is still weighing his many options.

Personally I think, much like the Cubs do, that Lester will end up back in Boston.

However, as we learned Monday when the Blue Jays swooped in and stole Russell Martin from the believed front runner Cubs signing Martin to a 5-year deal, nothing in baseball is ever predictable.

Check back later for a slideshow describing Lester’s chances of signing with all of the aforementioned teams!